"Maude..I love you!" - "Oh, Harold... That's *wonderful*. Now: Go and love some more."

"Maude..I love you!" - "Oh, Harold... That's *wonderful*. Now: Go and love some more."

"As long as there's no price on Love, I'll stay. And you wouldn't want me any other way."

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Thursday, 18 February 2010

* Richard Sorger look book preview

I'm sitting in Richard's beautiful flat and outside is "grey as a dead pigeon" - my friend Michel would say.
It's been raining all day, our hopes to take some photos for Richard's look book outside are slimmer by the hour.
But lovely Bella Howard is definitely determined to make this day work and she goes around the house finding cool spots to give justice to Richard's amazing outfits. And what better place than this beautiful home that Richard and his partner have done up to designer's standards. The wallpaper in the lounge is just to die for...And the Marylin-red kitchen is no second best.
As I enter the room where the clothes are kept I feel like i'm entering a little hidden heaven in Angel. Richard tells me abut the hand made work, the embroidery, the Damien Hirst-esque skulls he made on vests and dresses of which i'm already a massive fan. I've been promised one and that made my day so much so that i have a smile turned into a cramp while i touch them with my own two hands.
Bella is a multi tasking talented girl, as well as one of the loveliest first impressions i had on someone: I talk to her about her life and what she would like people to know about her.
Without hesitation Bella tells me about her fanzine called Bellazine: she hand makes it and hands it around at gigs, it features her thoughts about music, fashion, art and interviews to bands. As she said to TimeOut she makes 100 copies which makes them collectible items already, really, and i'm so curious to get my claws on one :)
Bella also writes a few blogs/websites:  http://thefashionisto.com/blog/category/photographers/bella-howard-photographers/ and http://bellahoward.blogspot.com/ aaaand http://bybellazine.blogspot.com/.
If it wasn't enough she is also a Dj and a film maker: one of her favourite things is to go through a film frame by frame and take the frame that's in the exact moment in space and time. Which is a very documentaristic approach of someone trying to catch the perfect moment, the one that tells a story more than any other.
It comes as no surprise as she LOOOVES travelling and her ideal life would be to have enough money to travel and take pictures, she gets restless if stuck in one place for too long...typical of a soul that's always searching and needs visual stimulation to feed her inspiration. Bella is from Yorkshire and she loves going back home to see her family and friends, going to punk gigs, admiring diversity and coolness all around her. She started off in Paris where she took her photography course and then knocked at I-D's doors where she started interning for them...next up for her is...modelling for Matt Irwin! As i look at her attention to details and curiosity towards everything that surrounds her I have a feeling that this girl will always have amazing stories to tell... :)
While we chat, our model Frankie has changed into another great outfit and stylist of the year 2009 Grace Woodward is ready to see Bella's magic happen.
Grace has got something in store for us... She will be part of the judging panel for Britain's next top model! Grace IS the fashion expert and it's only due that after years of practical fashion (hands on every amazing outfit in the fashion world) she would move to the next level of the Intellectual side of fashion. Grace has got a lot to share with the world, a lot of knowledge to entertain us all with so i'm really looking forward to seeing her on the telly. Let's not forget she was head of press for Agent Provocateur! Ok, now i'm officially jealous...and even more so when i hear of a possible collaboration with Stephen Jones for a summer fashion story on theme of "english eccentric"... Stephen Jones has approached her for this and i reeeally hope it happens because that'll be something to look forward to, big time.
On the collaboration with Richard she says she's extremely happy: she considers him an artist of "cutting egde, for cool connosseurs and people who have an interest in fashion rather than following the mainstream".
Oh. And she's lip-sincing all of The Smiths songs: definitely a cool chick. ;)
here is a link to Grace's website: http://www.gracewoodward.com/
As if it wasn't enough...the beautiful american singer Wafah Dufour walks through Richard's door to make a special appearance on the look book. She did her own make-up and it was flawless, all i had to do was add a red lip and with those lips wow didn't she look amazing. She's a pro, you should have seen her posing for Bella, i can't wait to see the pics.
I will be at the show this sunday and after all this talent in one room i must say...I can't wait.
Thanks for sharing all this with me folks!

 This is going to be mine!!! but in Black and the grey skull...can't wait!!
our lovely model was Frankie@Profile

Richard at work

You should see this in real life...just STUNNING piece of work.

Grace's attentive eye at work

Bella at work with Frankie

Beautiful Bella with Wafah Dufour: Wafah is Richard's special guest for the Look Book.

:((( This was one of the flags from the first look book i shot for Alexander McQueen: I couldn't afford the one i wanted at the time and i had put it on my short list of things that would have held a place in a wall in my living room. I guess that's never going to happen now... When Grace walked in with THIS i gasped. Bless your soul Lee McQueen. Another masterpiece.

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